Yes! If you are looking to remodel your current space, or want to upgrade a recently purchased property, we can schedule a complimentary consultation on-site. Our in-house team of designers will assist with measurements, design, and budgetary options – to get you started on the right track.

Get in touch with us as soon as you can. We do not require elaborate drawings or a lot of information to have an in-depth conversation about your project and its needs and wants. Our designers are experienced and knowledgeable, giving you a better understanding of our services and products to see if we are the right fit.

Having a conversation early on streamlines processes, saves money and increases achieved quality.

First off, we want to get to know you and your project during a complimentary consultation at our showroom. We guide you through our products and available selections, so we can work on a design presentation with pricing to review during a second meeting. The purpose of the second meeting is to provide a better understanding of our intervention in the project, potential layouts, and design options, with different prices dependent on brand, model and finish. Once we decide to move forward, we will develop the design further and be by your side until completion. For more information on our process, see our services page.

Depending on the manufacture, finish and other specific criteria, the typical lead time for our cabinets range from 12-18 weeks.

To begin designing a kitchen, bathroom, or closet, we require a retainer of $2,500. This amount is applied to the final purchase price of the cabinets. For multi-rooms and larger scopes, please contact a Foscari representative for tailored pricing.

Our design-based approach helps our customers visualize and understand the materials, modulation, and specifications, without the need for an interior designer. However, we love collaborating with architects and designers, and if you are thinking about hiring one, they will blend right into our streamlined process.

We recommend going with a professional installation to ensure the most precise fit and quality work. However, it is possible for you to install the cabinetry yourself or with your own crew. You will most likely need an electrician and a plumber for connecting appliances and water. If you are looking to get your cabinets installed elsewhere, please let your Foscari representative know during the ordering process.

International delivery is based on the final country of origin and order volume, which can typically range from $1,500 to $10,000 for a full 40’ container. We help you chose the best cabinets at the right time, to optimize resources and provide you with the best service available. Local deliveries in Houston range from $695 for a single area, and up to $2,500 for a whole-house project. For out-of-town deliveries, please contact a Foscari representative.

The goal is for you to love the final design and understand what you are purchasing before hitting the green light. We elaborate detailed documentation before the order is sent into production. Every order is unique, and due to this, we cannot accept returns or cancellations.

Yes! Depending on the manufacturer we select for your project, all our cabinets come with limited warranty for up to 10 years

The sky is the limit. We offer design and product solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, offices, living rooms and any other residential space. We have also collaborated with commercial and medical spaces. For more types of projects, we have worked on, please visit our portfolio page.
Our in-house architects and designers will elaborate detailed plans, renderings and schedules that will help streamline the design, ordering, construction, and installation phases. For more information on our design services and process, please read our services page. You can also download an example of our plans and renderings by clicking here.

Yes! We offer an extensive range of products – such as countertops, appliances, integrated lighting, plumbing and electrical fixtures, wall coverings and tile, and more. We believe in looking at the bigger picture when working on your design, we want elements to come together outside of our cabinets, and at the same time, we want to simplify the installation process for you.

This depends on the project’s complexity, readiness, and level of intervention. We have designed and ordered cabinets for a kitchen within a week, and we have worked with clients on their full-house projects for up to a year before moving to cabinets. Click here for more information on our design process.

Yes! We can work with your current appliances.

Here at Foscari, we offer a wider range of product lines to offer a wider range of pricing, time frames and designs. Every single quote is tailored to each need, and we are always conscious of the restrictions and requirements of your project. We have worked on kitchens from $15,000, and we have designed bespoke spaces for up to $200,000. Our bathroom cabinets can start around $5,000 and go up to $25,000. Entry-level closets can start at $5,000 and go up to $100,000.

Best results come from the architectural integration of an entire home, and we specialize in blending in functionality and beauty in every corner of a home. Some of our projects have ranged between $65,000-85,000 for a smaller scope, $125,000-165,000 for a medium sized project, and $250,000 for the bigger and custom homes.

Since every single project is unique, and the range of options is so wide, we cannot offer pricing based on linear feet. We offer more than 50 models and styles, with over 800 different finishes.

Yes! We do have exclusive lines and models that fit right into a multi-residential and builder project. They offer special modulation, finishes and pricing to offer the end user an elevated cabinetry experience.

Yes! We offer many exclusive benefits for architects, designers, builders, and developers. Our Industry Partner Program proposes financial incentives and client referrals for our most exclusive relationships. To sign up or receive more information, please contact us here.

 We are based in Houston, Texas, and offer services in the metro and surrounding areas. We have worked and installed projects all over the state and country, including California, Louisiana, Florida and Mexico.