Modern Men of Houston 2021 – Joaquin Olaverria

CEO and Principal Designer, Joaquin Olaverria, brings a relentless drive for innovation and passion for design.⁠

Joaquin Olaverria, CEO/Principal
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Argentine designer Joaquin Olaverria hit the ground running as the newly appointed CEO of Foscari in the spring of 2020. Now, with a showroom expansion in the works, he continues to build upon the company’s mission to create kitchen, bathroom and closet designs that are equally functional and beautiful.

As a teen, Joaquin was known for his distinctive visual perspective, always finding inspiration in beauty, music, and nature. Speaking candidly about his passion for design, he says, “The ability to create something so impactful in the way one lives, works, and plays became ever-rewarding and bonded me with the design and architecture industry.” In 2012, while pursuing a degree in interior architecture at the University of Houston, Joaquin worked as a senior design consultant and project manager at a high-end custom cabinetry studio. Shortly after, he joined his mother Monica Wehbi, the founder of Foscari, and he began maximizing his creative potential by discovering unexplored beauty.

With a strong focus on quality and integrity, Joaquin brings first-hand experience and passion into every project. His restless desire to innovate and improve, coupled with his natural adaptability, has been attributed to his firm’s flourishing success within the custom cabinetry industry. While leading a team of exceptional designers, he meticulously sources products from exclusive manufacturers worldwide and builds collaborative relationships with clients to respect their vision, budget, and time frame. In the near future, he hopes to expand upon the company’s philanthropic nature, giving back by designing spaces for local communities with limited resources available.

Foscari Interiors
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