Cabinet Refacing?

There inevitably comes a time when you want your kitchen to have a new look to it. That desire, though, can quickly shift once you see the cost of a total kitchen cabinet tear-out and replacement. One alternative you may want to consider is kitchen cabinet refacing. This is a way of redesigning your kitchen cabinets without a total tear-out and replacement.

When you are looking at an overhaul of your kitchen, you inevitably have a vision of what you want your kitchen to look like. However, sometimes what you envision and what you can afford are two different things. When you go with kitchen cabinet refacing, though, you can end up with something very close to the look you want without the cost that is associated.

You may hear cabinet retailers tell you that kitchen cabinet refacing is actually more expensive than a total tear-out. That, though, is not entirely true. The fact is that when you do a total tear you do not just pay for the labor of the tear-out. You also have to pay for the disposal of the old cabinets as well as the installation of the new ones. With a refacing, you only have to worry about the refacing going on. In most cases, it even goes on right over the old cabinets without any removal.

A cabinet refacing is a great alternative to totally tearing out and redesigning your kitchen. As with anything you do to your home, the cost is a factor when considering making a change to your kitchen. If, though, you investigate the possibility of kitchen cabinet refacing, then you may find that you can give your kitchen the look you want at a considerably lower cost. In the end, isn’t that all you want anyway? Let us advise you in order to do an excellent design job! Visit our portfolio and find your preferences: Modern classic or contemporary style.