In the entire job of a kitchen renovation, fitting the appropriate chairs and tables is the most tedious one. This task requires a lot of thought process. Markets are flooded with a huge range of chairs and table’s with a number of styles and materials to choose from. While selecting them, you have to keep in mind the overall look of your kitchen, the available space and the purpose you wish to use them for. Tables and chairs during your kitchen renovation process must be selected properly as it can add a lot to the feel and look of your kitchen. A mismatched table and chair would just spoil the look or your kitchen, which you tried to give a facelift, through a kitchen renovation program.


While selecting the chairs and tables for your kitchen, the most crucial point is how much space in your kitchen renovation design you have allotted for chairs and tables. Smaller tables are ideal to fill the empty corner and are also great for quick coffee or breakfast with your friend. If you have sufficient space then large tables are for holiday and family gathering.


The material of table and chair, which you select during the kitchen renovation process, is very crucial as it can set a particular tone to the overall decor of the area. Wooden tables and chairs are quite popular and can give a classy look to your eating space. You can find a wide variety of wooden chairs and tables in the market such as teak, oak and cherry that you can select, depending on the style that can blend with your kitchen decor. If you want to give a contemporary look, go for metal kitchen tables and chairs. Metal chairs and tables are more durable and can last for years even in high traffic kitchen.


In recent times the pub table is gaining immense popularity for its comfortable height of 36 to 42 inches. These tables are ideal for casual dining and can give you the feeling of eating out at bar. Coordinate your pub table with correct set of stool or chairs and make it an ideal place for early breakfast and late night drinks with your friends.


The most popular dining table is square table with four chairs. These tables were specially designed for homes that had formal dining rooms and are ideal for casual family dining. A square dining table, also known as dinette set comparatively takes less space than pub style tables and can adjust in a smaller space. Dinette table goes well in most type of kitchens and can function as a common gathering center of the family.


If the kitchen renovation is done for a home that has just two members, then the Quasi bar table set is a perfect choice. This set is extremely portable, versatile and can be easily transferred from compact casual dining space to counter space. If you wish to enjoy wine with your friend this table can be conveniently shifted to the center of your kitchen.

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