If you have till now not thought off adding a breakfast bar to your kitchen then it’s time for you to do a rethink. Breakfast bars not only give an appealing look to your kitchen but they also serve a functional value. They are very simple in design and are no more than a few wooden planks arranged systematically.

A lot of people believe that breakfast bars can cost the moon which is largely incorrect. You can have your very breakfast bar prepared without expending a fortune. If you wish to include making a breakfast bar of your own in your kitchen renovation program, it is best to use your old kitchen cabinet that is not in use anymore. You can even get them by contracting a person who deals in home remodeling, such as local contractor or by checking it in classified section of the newspaper, or even at a garage sale. The next thing that you need, to make the breakfast bar, is the counter top that can easily be purchased from the local hardware store or may be available at a garage sale. It is advisable to buy those cabinets that have shelves and drawers in them as they can provide extra storage space to your breakfast bar as well as adding functionality to it.

While opting for a breakfast bar in your kitchen renovation plan, it is important to decide where exactly you want to place your breakfast bar. If you wish to place it in your kitchen island, then you have to choose an appropriate backing that you can place behind the cabinet, whereas, if you wish to place it against a wall then, you do not need any backing.

Another important item that you would require while placing a breakfast bar during kitchen renovation is a few L-shaped brackets, which you can purchase from the local hardware shop. Using these brackets, you can attach the counter tops with cabinets placed below the countertops. They are also required for attaching the breakfast slab to the floor. It is a good idea to have an electrical point on the bar; its provision should be made on the underside of the breakfast bar rather than above it. With such a placement, there are less chances of any electrical short circuit problem. This also increases the functionality of the bar.

Your breakfast bar is not complete without some bar stools. You can choose from a wide variety of bar stools available in the market. Bar stools in appropriate designs and colors are advised so that they mix easily with the overall look that you want to give through kitchen renovation. These bar stools should be of proper height as per your requirements. It is not difficult to find this item in the market as they will be available in your neighborhood hardware store, local Wal-Mart or a furniture store nearby.

Setting up the entire assembly of breakfast bar and stool in your kitchen will not be as expensive as you may think, and you can purchase the entire set even in a very limited budget. You will realize that it is a very cost effective way to add a modern and contemporary look to your kitchen.