Your friends might have visited your house often and may have at times have made unwanted comments about your kitchen design while helping you in your kitchen work. In your defense you are helpless as you have yourself experience difficulty in doing all that kitchen chores. If you know the problem then you must seek the solution. Do people give thoughtful mind in the basic design of the kitchen while constructing their home? Most would say no, they don’t. We all have faced some heated argument over the sink tumbler leakage, chimney blockage, etc. The answer to all this issue lies in undertaking a kitchen renovation, which changes its basic design.

Though, it is a tough job to build upon the kitchen once again, major kitchen renovation is entirely possible. Kitchen renovation is all about the change in basic design of the kitchen. There are many designs that can remove this root issue that you generally face without any protest because there is simply no choice. There are designs that provide inexpensive treatments, and you do not need to worry about the cost factor. Let us look at some of these.

The one wall Kitchen design

When you have less space then you can think about this design. Every item (Fridge, Sink, Cooking range etc.) is on one wall. This lessens the traffic in the kitchen and is inexpensive. Corridor Style: You can arrange counter on both side of the wall. Doing this increases the functionality and working speed. Although, there is a chance of crowding, it is a highly affordable option.

L Shaped Style Kitchen

In this two walls in L shape are utilized for the counter. Most of the people opt for this style during kitchen renovation. This style does away with crowding problem and increases the mobility. Although, the items are little far away from reach, the space is fully used. Here, you can use two sinks and more counters can be added in this design.

Double L Design

This design is also popular for Kitchen renovation. This style of design maximizes the space utility. Instead of one, now there are two workstations. Another workstation is also in the L shape but is not open. This increases the cooking efficiency, as there are two workstations. The food preparation happens on the smaller L. The larger L can be used for the storing items.

U shaped kitchen design

This design falls under the classic category. There is a closed end and two counters for extra people working at the same time. The sink is at the closed end, which keeps water away from the food items.

 Still you might be facing difficulties in basic design for kitchen renovation because your kitchen space may not allow you to experiment. You can consult professionals who are into the business of interior design. They have catalogs full of many different designs and even give you a custom plan. These professionals also prove to be cost effective as well.